Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Dominic

This is the Doms.
which way to the gym?

This is a story about The Hair.

It began innocently enough.

But then, something happened. Something slightly hideous, slightly tragic, but oh, so, so hilarious
 Pretty cute from the front.
But from the back......
don't mistake this for the typical newborn bald spot. there is NO HAIR on top of his head.
 We put a call in to the Hair Team for Men. And things got better.
 And better.
And then we started to feel sad that his hair was normal-looking.
But we needn't have worried. We were able to do this
Interview Dominic. Rent is due. He really needs this one.
And this
George Washington Dominic. Ready to take on the Debt Ceiling.
And in general The Hair is really, really wild.
best part of this pic? if you look closely, you can see my big sister using the potty!
Kinda like The Man himself
I used this pic before. I know. But it's so. funny.

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  1. Hey Anne! This is so funny and wow- he looks just like you! I didn't realize you had a blog too! How fun! :)