Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now I'm Driving the Bus

I am now the proud owner of a brand new, 2001 Chevy Suburban. Hunter green. Tan leather. Old school On-star. Captain's seats. Towing package. CD player. AND tape deck. Heated seats. Ambulance doors.

This car was the bomb back in 2001. This car still IS the bomb.

When this behemoth rolled off the lot, I was still a bebe, livin' it up as a junior in high school. This 'Burban was creeping the mean streets of Anderson Township while I was fretting about Advanced Chemistry with Doc Madsen and getting into trouble for talking too much in class. Never did we think our paths would converge, but happily, they have.

I've never really cut an imposing figure, but when I'm at the helm of this bad boy, I feel a certain sort of power. The gear shift is on the steering column, which means I have to do a mini-bicep curl to move it from park into drive. That takes it to a whole new level of awesome.

It might be uncouth to say, but we stole this vehicle for 2800 American dollars. It may or may not have a cool 263,000 miles on it but who's counting? Thus begins a new chapter of our family's pay-only-cash-for-cars-off-Craigslist experiment. At this time I'd rather not discuss the gas mileage or Brad might put the thing back on the Craigslist in a furor of gas pump anger.

So. If you need something towed, or to drive 6 rowdy preteen boys and all their hockey equipment to the ice rink, or to pick up a large piece of furniture from the Pottery Barn outlet, I'm your man. Or Mom, as it were.

Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Dangit. It's Quick Takes time again and I didn't write a post since last Friday. When I promised I was going to blog more. I lied, and I'm sorry.

2. Brad's car died. It's ok, you don't have to be sad. It has had a full, wonderful life. RIP 1994 Camry with 250,000+ miles. You were good to us, but let's honest...we were probably not that good to you.

3. The best part of shopping for cars on Craigslist is reading the ads. My favorite this go-round was this, written about a 2007ish Honda Civic:
"This is an AWESOME car, I bought it for my son but his grades SUCK so it's gone. Being a parent sometimes involves hard choices."

4. Not only can you find cars on Craigslist, you can also get parenting advice. Who knew?

5. I should have posted the directions for the basket I is the link

6. Awhile ago Brad sent me this video about how to feel like you have more time and thus helps you manage time better. Basically, you need more moments of awe. I've been trying it out, but I'm still late 99% of the time. I'm wondering if by 'awe' they meant, "I'm in awe over this pile of laundry!" or "I'm in awe over the strength of Dominic's emotions!" I might be doing it wrong. Although...there are the moments of "I'm in awe over my chubby baby's smile" or "I'm in awe over the sound of my two big kids laughing together." Those moments might be working in my favor.

7. Pia is surprised by a back carry. And maybe starting to work a little hair. 

Happy weekending, I hope to have a new car story on Monday! Check out the rest of the Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Obstacles to Blogging

1. The possession of or difficulty in managing the sanguine temperament.

2. Therapy. Not complaining, just stating: whether we're going to appointments or working on things at home, this PiaBaby gets a lot of therapizing. I truly am thankful for all the resources we have for her but it for real takes up a lot of time/energy/emotional output.

3. Home improvement projects. Here for video, blogger is being annoying. Brad's usual banter is missing, rendering the video eerily silent. Enjoy.

4. Crochet projects
it's a basket. for Dominic to carry his "animals that swim." It will help us be more punctual. I think.
 5. Nurturing an addiction to Downtown Abbey. I have caught up to season 3, but have not yet begun it because I want to delay the inevitable tragedy that I know is coming (thanks Facebook spoilers)

6. Laundry/feeding people/cleaning and the shirking of these responsibilities.

7. Inability to blog while operating a motor vehicle. My best blog posts have been written in my head while driving, and then by the timeI arrive home and score a minute in front of the computer with two whole hands to type I cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to write.

More Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. Have a fab weekend....I hope to be back blogging with more regularity soon!