Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I Was Thinking

I have about 5 blog posts at 3% completion and meanwhile this blog is looking more and more neglected. Blog stress is a powerful thing. So I thought, "How about I post a Youtube video I made awhile ago that instructs the viewer how to nurse their baby in a ring sling?" 

It is fairly embarrassing and kind of awkward. Since people love watching other people do awkward/embarrassing things, I figured even if you don't care a whit about nursing a baby in a ring sling, it could be slightly entertaining. All kidding aside, nursing a baby in a ring sling is a skill that I might die without. If you watch this and feel sad because it looks hard, remember I have been perfecting this skill for five years. The first time I tried to accomplish this feat it was a hot mess.

What is so great about this video? Could be it that Brad helpfully points at my just-birthed-a-baby-butt when I bend over to pick up Pia? Could it be the sounds of our older children shouting from their beds for the entirety of the video when they are supposed to be sleeping? Could it be my use of air quotes? Could it be that the decorations from Pia's Baptism party are still hanging in the window? Or the fact that every time I say the word "sling" I sound decidedly Kentucky? Or maybe it's the near-constant smirk on my face as I try not to laugh? I'll let you decide. And while you're at it, any suggestions for a better default hair situation?

Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. We got a new pilot hat for our Pia Baby to keep her hearing aids in place. Does a lot for her cheeks, yes?

2. Speaking of the Pia Baby, we gave her a sign name finally. Giving sign names stresses me out because I am worried whenever we meet other Deaf people they are thinking, "What lame sign names!" Except the Doms; I didn't give him his sign name, G did that when he was born, so his is a legit-bestowed-from-a-Deaf-person sign name.

3. Anyways. Pia's sign name is SWEET P. So, you sign SWEET, and then the letter P.

4. It's happening. For my Thanksgiving contribution I am going to make apple pie with lard in the crust. Then when people say, "This pie is amazing, how did you manage it?" I will say, "A tub of lard." Last year my efforts were thwarted by morning sickness and I could not stand the smell of the lard, but this year it's game on.

5. I just finished reading the first of Sigrid Undset's trilogy Kristin Lavransdatter. It was v. v. good, and also made me realize that life back in the day was super dangerous. Lots of fires and oxes running loose trampling people and no ER's or antibiotics. I have such a cushy life.

6. Here's what I have decided. You need 3 months to recover from childbirth and be able to rest enough and cuddle enough with your baby. THEN, you need 3 months to get back into real life. So 6 months total before you should expect to even begin to have things together. Analysis: I have 2 more months to get my s*** together. Excellent!

7. Lastly, most importantly. Please, please pray for my older brother, Tom. He has terminal cancer, and has gone home with hospice care. Probably one or two more weeks at the most left for his earthly life. Please pray for his wife and three children, for peace for them, for peace and comfort for him. I thank you for your prayers.

More Quick Takes here and have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Check It

I made this baby (mostly)

Then I made this hat

Then we finished finishing our basement (so. much. painting)
I cannot figure out why YouTube is against me. Link for video here

I just want to state for the record that the color is not green, nor is it teal, as Brad would have you believe. TURQUOISE. Specifically, Valspar's Day at the Jeweler. I am still excited that I thought to cut the main color with white to use inside the built-in area. Pinterest has made me a better person for sure.

And here is the link to the magazine article they paid me monies for writing.  I'm in the Holiday Issue; Real Women, Real Life feature. Go read it and count it as a full blog post for today. Gracias.

Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes: All Hallow's Eve; A Reduction

1. Number of frog costumes purchased for 70% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics the day of: 1. I got the costume up to Dominic's knees before he declared, "This is too silly!"

 2. He did end up wearing it, and Brad took them around the street in a wagon, Oregon Trail style. It was rainy and gross and cold so Pia and I took one for the team and passed out the Tootsie Roll pops from the fort.

3. I went ALL out and bought this stuff to make pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.

They turned out rather nicely, yes?
ohhhhhhhh you bake them?
 4. Number of children who requested extra candy "for their brother/sister/cousin": 5

5. Number of children inadvertently exposed to breastfeeding: 25

6. Most popular costume: variation on zombie....zombies wearing jerseys, zombie cheerleaders, zombie regular children, zombie pirates, zombie zombies

 7. Number of children who oooooh'ed and awwwwww'd and "cute baby!!!'ed" my Pia Baby: all of them. No joke. I think we got about 100 trick-or-treaters (boo. I wanted more. I love passing out candy...I think it stems from a childhood of living pretty much on the side of a mountain in Alaska and we got approximately zero trick-or-treaters. But I digress) and they all commented adoringly on the baby. Even the rowdy group of 9th grade boys fell down in adoration. Lesson/meaning of Halloween: kids like babies.
awake! smiling! happy halloween!
 Have a fab weekend! More Quick Takes: Conversion Diary