Monday, July 9, 2012

Sometimes, I Impress Myself

I had two major projects that I wanted to complete before this new kid arrives and I had little faith I would truly complete them. That's because I have this little problem with follow-through.

But nesting is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and I actually followed through. And took some pictures. SO, what follows is my re-hab of a dresser from Goodwill, and then a final picture of the face-lift I gave the changing table we got when Gianna was a baby.

I removed the old hardware, then sanded. Then I painted it twice. It was so hot outside that the paint practically dried the moment it contacted the wood. I made numerous trips to stand in the kiddie pool to cool off. Then I added some new hardware, scavenged from the Anthropologie clearance bin. And behold, Dominic's new dresser.

  A small, small part of me hoped all the work and the heat would get some labor action, but alas. I remain pregnant.

just over 38 weeks. Probably not a 7 pounder

But, I do have a very cute, "new" changing table....I lack "before" pics, but the changing table was about the same shade of the dresser. It also had a door that I removed, and I changed the hardware as well (also from Anthropologie.)

So, we're pretty much ready to rock. Birth supplies are organized and centralized, co-sleeper is snuggled up next to our bed and already full of books, house has been blessed, diapers are washed, I've had my Blessingway, and Saturday I crossed off my last two major items: Confession and a pedicure. Bring on the bebe! 


  1. Woohoo! I look forward to seeing that baby's darling picture up here soon!

  2. Holy rockin' out the To-Do List! Awesome! And I love your caption: "Probably not a 7 pounder." Made me giggle. :)