Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Pia is about to pop her first teeth and I realized I don't have any pictures of her toothless grin, so I took some like the last-minute parent I am. Included: big girl who is missing the same 2 teeth Pia is working on. I'll leave you to glean any cosmic significance from this fact. I'm too tired.

2. Gianna has her first spelling test at school today. I am looking forward to hanging it on the fridge so that it can be ripped off and destroyed by the other children, thus continuing a generations-long family tradition.

3. Speaking of school, on the way there this am I was flipping through the radio stations in a vain attempt to escape "Christian" music and I heard a snippet of an interview where this woman was stating that, "Well, my parents, you know....when they got married, they didn't know it was going to be such a long, back in the day, on Oregon Trail, you died at like, 19. So really you were just committing to a couple years of marriage but nowadays people just don't die anymore. You can like, get a new heart and stuff. So my dad has MS and mom, you know, she's out there, dating, finding her soul mate." What the??? I changed the channel so I don't know what else this lady said, but really? For one thing, what happened to "in sickness and in health" and for another....PEOPLE STILL DIE.

4. Are you reeling from my distaste from Christian radio? I'd explain why, except Brad sent me this excellent article that captures my thoughts exactly. You can also apply this reasoning to "Christian movies." Cringe.

5. Yesterday when I picked up Gianna from school she asked me why I am always the last mom to come. Dangit. You know your tardiness is getting bad when your 5 year old calls you out on it.

6. Back before Gianna was born, Dr. Sears recommended that I create a "nursing basket" where you put all the stuff you want to have near you when you nurse. And I never did, because I think I pictured more like a cardboard box covered in old wrapping paper, a la the "kid kit" I made in middle school after reading one too many books from The Baby Sitters Club. A friend of mine got a lovely fair-trade basket from her husband for Christmas and made it her nursing basket. So now we're all doing it...and I have to say. Genius. My crochet projects go in there, the books I'm reading, my water bottle, catalogs for daydreaming, burp cloth, etc etc. Oh yeah. And my house phone. But I could see other people putting in their cell phone and iPads. That could be cool. But I'm still Zach Morris-ing it up over here. This basket is so sturdy and pretty and sustainable-feeling. Mom gear. You need one, too.

7.  Yesterday was Parent Observation Day at ballet class. It was not, however, Dominic Observation Day. A class-full of 5-years-olds pointing and flexing their toes is apparently not something The Dom can get excited about. So he made his own excitement by crawling around on the studio floor with a blue plastic Ikea spoon in his mouth and growling "like a LION with sharp TEETH." It was...great. Really great.
Have a fantastic weekend, for more Quick Takes head over to Conversion Diary.


  1. I read that article a few days ago, and couldn't agree more. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!!

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  3. The Dom's hair. SO WEIRD! Glad the loss hasn't affected him too much.

  4. The nursing basket is a stellar idea. Stellar, I tell you.

  5. So glad to know I'm not the only one with this reaction to Christian radio, music, movies, etc.! Some of it is good (I love my old Newsboys albums), but so much of it is trite and really just BAD, poorly done - it upsets me that we accept mediocrity if it's labelled "Christian". This does not honor God, and it is not encouraging the world to take a closer look. It just makes Christianity easy to dismiss.