Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes: What It Is

1. We. have. a. surgery. date. May 31. 5 weeks until PiaBaby gets her "ears." Only mildly freaking out at the moment but I am sure I will grow increasingly crazy as the day approaches. Two weeks after THAT will be our activation day...we are pretty nervous and excited over here.

2. Would it be inappropriate to send United Healthcare flowers and chocolates to thank them for only taking 8 DAYS to approve Pia for surgery? Would it be awkward to frame and hang the approval letter?

3. Gianna got glasses and it makes her look so grown up. Birthday #6 is a week from today??!! 

4. I've just been hanging out with these guys all day and it's usually not a bad gig.

5. The most ballet I get to do these days. Dinner theatre at its finest.

6. My dad built Dominic a water table and I believe every family should have one. Hours of imaginative, non-destructive play. I had a very nice action pic but it's taking ten million years to load and I'm kind of over this blog post and ready to move on.

7. This baby.

Is wearing Gianna's hand-me-down size 18 month clothes. She a big gurl. She also signs MILK, MORE, PLAY, and CHANGE (as in diaper change.) I loooooove her. Please keep us in your prayers for a successful surgery and for a non-insane me. I'll probably ask for that about 50 more times between now and May 31. Sorry!

More Quick Takes here.....Live it up this weekend, I know I will.


  1. Gianna and Mary would get along SWIMMINGLY, what with their big booties and smiling grin-faces!

    Also, lookin' pretty hot there, mama, if you don't mind my sayin'.

  2. You and baby Pia are in my prayers! I'm sure everything will be just fine, but there's no doubt in my mind I would be a nervous wreck as well. Btw, thank you so much for your advice re: homebirth and midwives. I had a successful water birth at a freestanding birth center on April 6 with two midwives in attendance (and our baby girl was born in the caul! How cool!). It was an incredible experience, and I'm very grateful for the advice and encouragement!

    1. Praise God!!! That is wonderful; I've been praying for you! Dominic was a caul baby special! :)

    2. Your prayers certainly helped; my labor was only 6 hours long (as opposed to my 27-hour labor with Tony!). We arrived at the birth center at 3:30 and she was born at 4:24. I didn't know Dominic was a caul baby as well! Must be a "second child" thing. ;)

  3. Caul baby! So neat! I was hoping Lauren would have been water 'broke' 3 times. Obviously the first time it was high and small in order to have 2 more gushes. Any mother-to-be I hear considering a 'natural' birth I tell them to start looking ASAP and stay away from OBGYN (unless certain health risks). I wish I knew more before my 1st birth. With the 2nd birth I just didn't have my husband on board and I felt like we were already too far along with OB to back out. Oh and learn.

    1. yep. You just do the best that you can with the knowledge and information you have at the time and then move on. Luckily with parenting we often get second and third and fourth chances to try something different..whether it's birth or discipline or schooling :)