Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Third Kid

Most mornings when I get out of bed and start getting the crew ready to take Gianna to school I leave Pia sprawled out in the king bed all by herself. In between making breakfasts and packing G's lunch and exhorting people to please go brush your teeth and find your shoes, I run upstairs to make sure Pia is still asleep and not army crawling her way off the bed. I could use a baby monitor but this is way more fun; plus, I can't find the other half of our monitor. 

And almost every morning I have to scoop my still-sleeping baby out of bed to load her in the car. I was reflecting on this as I gathered the necessary strength needed to break the universal law to never, ever, ever wake a sleeping baby and for a few seconds I felt bad for her. Poor Pia. Always getting naps skipped or interrupted to hop in the car, sometimes for her own therapy appointments, sometimes for school drop off/pick up for Gianna. For a moment I believed what the culture at large would say; she doesn't get as much attention or love or focus or-

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of feet clomping up the stairs. Suddenly the room was full of voices and small bodies clambering onto the bed.

"Is Pia awake? Can we see her?"
"I want to give her a hug, can I play with her?"
"Pia!! Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!" 

As I watched my two big kids fall over themselves to worship their PiaBaby, who was now awake and smiling with delight, I realized...she's got the good life.

She is adored by her two older siblings and gets way more talking and laughing and singing and signing than Gianna did when it was just her and I hanging out all day when I was a new mom. At night, when she wakes up after the other kids have gone to bed, more often than not Brad and I lay in bed with her and soak in her smiles and laughs, even though I guess we "aren't supposed to play with the baby at night; she'll never learn to sleep."

I just wasn't this laid back with the first kid, and while I was more relaxed with the second, I feel like I've gotten a lot more comfortable about who I am as a mother, and Pia gets the benefit of my previous experience in a way my big two don't. I see my six year old and realize just how quickly the days of babyhood fly by and it doesn't make the stress over precise naps and food diaries seem as dire. I won't say there aren't times when  the very physical demands of having a baby in the house overwhelm me, or that I'm always cheerful to be awake with a baby hitting a new milestone in the middle of the night, but I think I can see the joy in it all more readily.

And the food. I mean, it's pretty unlikely I would have let a 10 month old Gianna go to town on some spaghetti and meatballs or steal my Popsicle. There's a certain sweetness about this third baby that I can't help but savor.

i took this picture with my iPad mini. Cuz I'm fancy.
Please pray for our Sweet Pia....Friday she will have her cochlear implant surgery. Thank you thank you!


  1. Sweet! Prayers for succesful, safe cochlear implant surgery for darling Pia.

  2. Prayers! And I totally agree that our third baby gets way more attention with all the people showering attention on him all the time!

  3. I really needed to read this post today! Pretty much the day after our daughter was born, my husband and I were bombarded with "well, now you can stop having kids since you have your boy and your girl! Then you won't have to spread yourself thin trying to make sure each child feels loved and appreciated!" Ummm...unless God has other plans for us, we're definitely not done! Not to mention I don't think our children will ever feel as though they're lacking in love and/or affection. :)

    Many prayers to sweet baby Pia. Please keep us updated!

  4. I just love your blog!! And you are right on...about the 3rd kiddo (and the 4th, too!)...about all of it! About how disrupted their schedules are, and how they have to spend more time out of our arms, but they are so loved up all the time by the WHOLE family. I also agree about the joy--I am MUCH more able to love every minute of the baby phase with the 3rd and 4th babies than I could with the first.

    Prayers for a smooth and successful surgery for little Pia!

  5. Loving your blog Anne. Thought of Pia this morning as I got up and am praying for a successful surgery!

  6. I love your blog, this is pretty much my life, too! I always say "The 11th Commandment is Thou Shalt Not Wake a Sleeping Baby!" And I have the exact same morning routine and my Felicity has the same interrupted napping conundrum! I look forward to reading more. :) God bless!