Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Favs

 Joining Hallie for some Five Favorites action.

1. Blogging. Even though I struggle to make time/use time wisely/find time to blog on something remotely resembling a semi-regular basis...I always enjoy the writing process. However..this little blog has become more than an outlet for me. I realized this when I was finally able to write about our Usher Syndrome diagnosis. I am truly taken aback by the kind words and offers of thoughts and prayers for our family. Thank you.

2. I need this throw pillow in my life.. I just find it...incredibly apropos. Plus amusing.

3. Knitting....I'm just learning but I've already made one, whole, boot cuff! Check it:

4. Flashlight time. It has revolutionized bedtime....Gianna and Dom get to play together in Dom's bed for about 10 minutes after we read stories with just their flashlights. It has mediated a lot of draaaaama as well provide some fun eavesdropping for Brad and I.

5. My new living room is finally done. So grown up! And peaceful!


  1. I'm bummed-I can't see the pictures! :(

    1. There we go! I love your living room. You're right, it looks very peaceful. :)

  2. I LOVE blogging and way to go on the knitting! I enjoyed reading your about me. I was laughing out loud about laying the smack down at mass silently and giving birth while listening to gregorian chant. I can relate.