Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Crafty, Part Deux

We got some new chairs. It was exciting.
yeah, cream, that'll last long.
  But not as exciting as the boxes in which they came. These were some nice boxes. Too nice to just toss in the recycling bin. We were all feeling rather nervous about the debt ceiling crisis, and since we'd already made these, we thought some cardboard housing would do nicely.

welcome to Hooverville
Two chairs, two boxes, two kids, two grown-ups. It was perfect.

We got a little competitive.
such an amazing door handle
 And very creative. So creative.

The results?

Happy squatters in our living room.

Debt ceilings really stress the Doms out.
 Plus, creepy Uncle Richard.

 I'm not going to insult your intelligence by explaining how to erect your own temporary housing. I will suggest that if you are feeling especially lazy and your children are slightly older, it might be fun to encourage them to build their housing as a means of protest against T.V restrictions, early bedtimes, or other such lame parenting issues. Personally, I just love having a shanty town in my living room. It's a great excuse not to vacuum and playing in their shacks has kept the little citizens happily entertained. My crafts are getting better and better....who knows what I'll think up next!?!?!?

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