Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. Thank you for all the love and support and prayers showered on us yesterday. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am. People keep saying we clearly know what we are doing....I'm glad I have you all fooled :)

2. For those who visited here yesterday and would like to learn more about our experience with hearing loss thus far, here are a series of posts I wrote regarding our journey with Gianna:
Is She Deaf?
In the Beginning, There was Silence 
Two Years of Sound
The Beginning of Charity

3. I kinda wish all those links could count as a separate take....I guess I could make that call, since I'm the boss here. Hm.

4. When it's 100 degrees outside and I make a casual comment such as, "It's hot out here." Dominic's response is always a vehement, "It's NOT!" 

5. Due to the above mentioned negativity, some extreme reverse psycology is needed to enlist any sort of cooperation from him. The problem is that I am slightly tired all the time and definitely still in the postpartum haze and rarely succeed in the cooperation department and always succeed in confusing myself. 'Did I want him in the car right now or not? What are we doing right now? Am I serving ice cream for dinner or not?'

6. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new pair of running shoes. Oh. man. I went with the Ultramarine/Mulberry color....don't they look FAST?

7. Currently, our "next steps" include taking impressions for the hearing aid molds (happening Tuesday) and meeting with our ENT to discuss....I dunno. ENT stuff. That's next Friday. Mostly, I am excited to get G from school and boogie over to the Chik-fil-A for an early dinner with my crew and some energy-sapping time in the play area before I bring the whole show to the doctor. You might wonder, are we bigots for eating Chik-fil-A, or do we just know a good milkshake when we see one?? You decide 2012.

Have a fab weekend...check out more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Adios!


  1. The Dumbo post has me teary. Dang it, woman- twice in as many days!

  2. Gosh I'm so glad I found you and this here blog!

  3. I seriously teared up at almost all of your posts about G. What a precious little girl!

  4. love the smile you put on my face... and in my heart <3

  5. Oh!and I guess can't remember how to make one of those cute little heart things for punctuation, but you get it.... right???