Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Round Two

Sweet sweet Pia got her hearing aids today. She was not impressed. I'm sure they feel very awkward in her tiny ears.

 Our audiologist gave us a thoughtful gift of a pilot cap, apparently all the rage with parents of little guys with hearing aids. These hats keep curious fingers from pulling out the hearing aids while keeping bald baby heads warm without causing that super-annoying feedback ringing noise.

I'm feeling like it needs....something....cute. I might dust off a crochet hook and make a little flower to add to it. In all my spare time of course.


cutest, tiniest, ear canals ever in evidence
I am very certain, and our audiologist agrees, that Pia cannot hear my voice with the hearing aids and probably not much of anything else, so we are slated for cochlear implant surgery next summer. That gives me a nice, long time to freak out about anesthesia risks, etc. Meanwhile we are signing to her and I love to see her eyes watching my hands and face so intently. This baby is such a gift.

Pumpkin spice lattes, cool fall days, sweaters, and some hearing aids with sparkly, purple ear molds: sign. me. up.

UPDATE: Tomorrow I will write a post explaining a little more in-depth about the cochlear implant process...I'll try not to make it boring while still being incredibly informational. Such suspense...


  1. Look at her precious, scrumptious face! Those cheeks! Wuv dat baby.

    So forgive me for asking, just curious... if she can't hear you with the hearing aids in, what are they for? Or was it an attempt and now that you know, you'll go for surgery instead?

  2. Are you kidding me with that hat? That is the cutest hat ever donned by a baby. It looks very.....Euro chic. And her cheek chunks are perfectly accentuated by it. What a sweet Pia!

  3. I think Hanna Andersson makes pilot caps too. Ya know, in case you need an excuse to shop there ;)

  4. SWEET Cheek chunks...wanta kiss them!

  5. How quickly do ears grow? Will she need to get new hearing aids?

  6. It's no shocker to hear the nerd contingency weigh in that we can't wait to hear about the implants. After reading the tear jerker back stories you posted, I went and Wikipediaed the procedure (hey, I'm lazy), and can't wait to hear more.

    Maybe you can have Gianna type while you dictate the post, so your hands are free to crochet flowers? I'm a helpful little multi-tasker, I know.

    1. Did Cari just put me in her nerd club with this comment?

      I think so.

      Woo hoo!

  7. Thought I already posted this.... send me your address and I'll make her some pilot's caps. I love making those, and they can be so darn cute#