Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Got Yer Christmas Card Right Here

I had planned to post on Christmas Eve, but then we had a technology problem that included Brad running up a flight of stairs while holding our computer. No worries though, it took a few days but we are back in the game. I've got a pretty sweet setup now.

What these pictures cannot adequately capture is a faint, incessant beeping noise coming from the laptop. It's as though the computer is very concerned that its monitor is missing. Frankly, I'm worried, too. From where I'm sitting I can see a lot of caution warnings. Ah, well.

this is dedication, that I am willing to blog this way. this isn't even in my contract.

              The Christmas Card shot. Maybe next year I will send cards for real. Probably not. I only sent out birth announcements because my sister did it for me.                    

 I can't get this baby to smile for a picture. The second she sees the camera she makes this face. But I still love her oh man do I love this chubby, sweet, snuggly baby.

discount Christmas tree. That's why you wait til the last minute.
 This is my sister.
 And this is her baby. A brand-new, still wrinkly, baby. Evelyn makes Pia look like a behemoth.

 Christmas tree safety.
 Obligatory shot from the rear. It was always my mom's job to put on the star at the top, and it was my dad's job to take pictures of her behind and snicker quietly to himself. Of course, this was back in the day when you had to take your film to the store and get it developed and it took like, a year to come back. That was after it sat in the refrigerator for awhile first. Then my mom would flip through the Christmas pictures and pretend to be all annoyed at the butt-shots but we could tell that she secretly thought it was funny, too.

jammin' to some Christmas tunes

slammin' to some Christmas tunes

Hey Cheeks, way to help out!
We went to Midnight Mass. I know that sounds scary with 3 kids but I am not kidding. It's the best Mass of the year. Pia slept and snacked in the sling, Gianna sat limply in Brad's arms and dozed and The Dominator? The Dominator had his best Mass since last Christmas Eve. ZombieDom sat motionless in the pew, mesmerized by the Christmas decorations with a receiving blanket wrapped around him like a barber cape.    
    OMG Christmas am!!!

these poppers are the BEST. I recommend them for all ages. Thanks Aunt Monica and Uncle Richard

new boots!

Allright then. Merry Christmas, from our casa, to yours!

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