Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dinnertime; A Little Vlog for Your Tuesday

Pia thinks Dom is the best. He doesn't even have to be doing anything particularly funny; if she happens to see him walking by she will giggle and squeal. Not that I blame her. He is, after all, the same kid who shadowboxed alllllllllll the way down the aisle after we went up for Communion. The same kid who plays air drums and head bangs while sitting in the grocery cart at Trader Joe's (it was during this trip that a fellow shopper leaned over to me and stated, "He's hilarious." Yep. I know. I live with him. Hilarious is the least of it.)

Anyways, for your immense enjoyment I offer you this little video of the Schueler Family Dinner Hour, Super-Fancy Style

Worth noting:
1. The constant waving hands in Pia's face is an acceptable way of getting someone's attention in Deaf culture. Well...usually you just wave your hand in the person's direction. I will allow that my kids are a little....over-zealous. 
2. The word G keeps repeating is "focus" and not a bad word. I promise.

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