Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. This commercial made me smile.
I love seeing his hearing aids taped on. I it.

2. What is being done to harness the mysterious ability of babies and young toddlers to arise from a deep sleep when their mother either a) leaves the premises or b) creates for herself a cup of tea or coffee in a pretty mug, or constructs a plate of real food, to be eaten while seated at a real table, and enjoyed in glorious silence? Surely there is some way we could use this power to our the very least shouldn't we be able to make money from it? This is America. We do that here.

3. Along the line of "other things I'd like to see leveraged," what about dried oatmeal as a building material? I've spent so much time painstakingly scraping dried oatmeal off my counter and mostly failing that I've come to question everything I know about construction (which is, admittedly, basically nothing.) You might argue that old oatmeal wouldn't work because small animals and bugs would eat it or the elements would strip it away but one good coat of shellac should do it, right?

4. Last Friday the Dom turned the big 0-4. Four is...not a baby anymore. Or toddler. An older, non-preschool attending pre-schooler is what he is. Even though I'm with him all the time, the fact that he keeps growing up surprises me.

5. His Lordship's cake

6. The sign on the front door for his party, which I left up all week and earned many befuddled looks from the FedEx delivery man and the plumber coming to inspect the sump pump.

Free-handed printables up in here. Old school all the way. Also, I don't own a printer.
7. I'll admit to seeing the latest Hunger Games movie in the theater and then feeling compelled  to acquire a (p)leather jacket from the boy's section at Nordstrom Rack. Every time I wear it Brad asks me if "Timmy is letting me borrow his jacket again," but I don't care because sometimes a mom just needs to feel like a bad-ass.

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  1. What a great ad! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Num.Ber.Three. Yes. Oh, just yes.