Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes

This is my first time participating in the 7 Quick Takes situation, so hopefully I get all the links right.

They play really weird music on my NPR station at night, so I was doing a little channel surfing, and caught a commercial about how some organization was planning on hanging women's underwear from the purple bridge that crosses the Ohio River as a way to "raise awareness" in the Cincinnati area for cervical cancer. The voice went on to say that all women are encouraged to donate a pair to this endeavor. Really? Is this the best we've got? Do women need their underwear hanging from a bridge in order to educate them about cervical cancer? It's all a bit bizarre to me.

We hit up the zoo today and I saw some guy wearing a shirt that said, 'With a shirt this awesome, who needs pants?" Not to worry, the good laddie was wearing pants, I checked.

Speaking of the zoo, no trip is complete without a ride on the zoo train. During the ride they play the same recording of zoo-related information every.single.time. And every.single.time I hear the man proudly announce that their flamingos are the only flock of flamingos in the Cincinnati area I think, "Well clearly. Why and wherefore would there be flamingos elsewhere in this city?" It just strikes me as a really dumb thing to brag about.

I told asked Brad to get me an ice cream maker for my birthday, and he complied. I am pretty sure we'll never buy ice cream again. It's so delicious and I have yet to really start experimenting.....How I love ice cream.

For some inexplicable reason, I have been asked to be the president of the parent group at Gianna's school. They tried to say they picked me because I seem so organized (pause so you can laugh, out loud, just as Brad and my mother did when I told them this story) but I'm pretty sure they're just really, really desperate.

I had some great ideas for children's books I would write, but when I sat down to write them, I realized it was harder than I thought. It seems I need more than just a general disgust over most of the children's books out there to write a good children's book.

One thing (among many, I promise) I like about having kids is how I get to re-experience things I loved as a child. My mom found some really cute Old Maid playing cards in a classic toy shop in Louisville, and G and I have being playing Old Maid and Go Fish all week while I fold the laundry.

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