Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes: The Third Time Around

1. The first pregnancy I worried about everything and anything, big, small, non-existent. I think I made up things to worry about it. The second time I had only one worry: an inexplicable fear that our midwife wouldn't make it in time. In fact, that is what happened, and it all worked out fine. So now, this third time around, I have no worries but one. I am worried about whether I will fit in our teeny tiny bathroom when I am enormous.

2. The heartburn kicked in even earlier this time (maybe I'll finally get a newborn with some hair?) and I was out of TUMS. On the recommendation of a girl in the Whole Foods vitamin section, I bought some papaya tablets. To my surprise, they mostly work about as well as a TUMS, with the added benefit of not making me feel like a 45 year old man. That and it just sounds better to tell your midwife you're taking papaya enzymes instead of synthetic calcium.

3. Not gonna lie. I'm not looking forward to the cankles that a July due date has destined for me.

4. I'm pleased and eternally thankful to a merciful God to announce that Operation Potty Train Boychild is going v. well. We're randomly on night three of a dry diaper in the morning (how? why? I have done nothing to merit this particular grace) and there has been lots of pee pee on the potty, including scary, public, non-Elmo related potties. And so, so many M&Ms.

5. On another transitional front, Doms has not had MAWK in a few weeks and I think it's safe to say the MAWK is officially closed for business for a little while. The withdrawal period has been hard for the Doms, who, when taken on a quick trip through the lingerie section at Target, saw the plethora of bras and exclaimed in sheer ecstasy and longing, "So. Much. MAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

6. I know you're dying for an update on the ice cream situation over here. Well. I'll tell you. It's gone. All, all gone.

and this is where it went....the bebe bump circa 18 weeks
7. Have a fabulous weekend....I know we will.........

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  1. Stopping by from 7 Quick Takes...Hope your pregnancy goes well and that you thoroughly enjoy all the blessings of your growing family.

  2. Tiny bathrooms are the worst whilst pregnant.

    I've had wicked heartburn with every. single. pregancy. and no one ever gave me the papaya tip. I'm trying it tomorrow, because judging from past experience, the hair/heartburn link is totally true, which means this child is going to be a werewolf.

  3. You look beautiful Anne! Congratulations on Baby #3 if I haven't told you already... and on the potty training going smoothly :)... we will be heading into the land of potty training soon and I am nervous as all get out!