Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So there's this part in Shawn of the Dead where....ok nevermind. Basically, one character tells another to "sort their {insert four letter expletive+ing) life out."

Through a combination of growing a human being from scratch and staying up irresponsibly late (again) and day one of Brad working 20 hours of overtime this week, I was v. tired today. Even more so by the time we screeched into the Trader Joe's. I had to take a moment after I turned off the car to gather what scraps up energy remained. I made the executive decision to NOT make homemade pancakes and picked up the only frozen pancakes they had....gluten-free, dairy free. I actually got them gratis after quizzing an employee about the tastiness of the pancakes. (verdict...meh. they were weird). We made it through the check-out line without incident, both kids sucking on their organically fair-traded all natural etc etc lollipops and made our way to the car.

I was pulling out of my parking space and heading out when I realized the light indicating a car door was open was on. I pondered this and then realized....it was Gianna's door, because I had never buckled her into her seat and thus never properly closed the door. HALT. Gianna realized she wasn't buckled at this same moment and she was appropriately horrified.

 I pulled into another space and buckled her up, all five points, and commented off-hand, "Mama is a little tired and crazy right now....I forgot to buckle you!!"

And she said, "But, Mama. You HAVE to! You have two kids!"

Yep. You're right, my G. I need get it together. Good thing Lent starts tomorrow. Good thing Holy Mother Church is so wise in Her rhythms of the year....of having some Ordinary Time after Christmas, and just when winter is looking bleak, when all the half-assed New Year's Resolutions have faded, She gives us Lent. A time to sort our stuff out. Do some house-cleaning, soul-cleaning, re-ordering, purging, stripping down, all with the eyes toward the Resurrection at the end of the 40 days.

If you were hoping I'd get to some nitty-gritty, specific advice on how to do all that....I don't exactly have it. I know that I'm going to spend some time each day in silent conversation with God, that I am going to spend more time playing and enjoying my little buddies, that I am going to look for more ways to serve Brad and our marriage, that I am going to make a lot of Goodwill runs and try to be mindful of all the blessings I've been given. I'm going to generally try to sort my life out.

Let's pray for each other as we head in to this most fruitful season....this season of hope and possibilities....welcome to Lent!


  1. I love Lent. And I'm with you- I wonder if I'd love it as much if it were placed right smack dab in the middle of summer? There's just something so perfect about spending the last dreary days of winter preparing our souls for new growth.

    It's almost like Someone had things all planned out from the beginning...

  2. Wow Anne, after two close calls almost hitting other cars on the road and forgetting every other thing I needed to do today, I felt JUST like this. I am with you about Lent. Feels like I just need it to happen. Good thing it's tomorrow :)

  3. Lent is one of my most favorite seasons for all the reasons you mentioned. And I forgot to buckle my 3 year old once, too. I definitely scored "mom of the year" that day. Not only did I not buckle him in, I yelled at him when he started screaming hysterically. Sigh.