Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes: LikeThis and Like That

Ok so where were we??

1. Last week, to kick off Palm Sunday, Dominic dropped a kneeler on an old lady's foot. It was a total accident and we apologized profusely in hushed and urgent tones but she did not offer up her sufferings well at all. For the remainder of Mass if Dom made so much as a peep, she would glare darkly at us. It was...awkward. Real awkward. Especially when you consider how incredibly looooooong Palm Sunday Mass is.

2. Easter-wise, a good time was had by all. We even managed to make it to the Vigil on Saturday night. Dominic passed out in the car on the way home and awoke Easter morn attired thusly:

Doms needs coffee before he can be expected to get hype about Easter egg hunting
lots of sugar helps, too
3. I may or may not have had too much fun with their Easter baskets this year.

4. Some of our crew prepped and ready to take on the Vigil

really hope my friends don't care that I have put a picture of their offspring on the interwebs basically without their permission
 5. This Lent I really, really tried to pray more formally, as opposed to my random desperate utterings of "Oh sleep...soon...thanks" I'm not sure that what I am doing is praying without ceasing in the actual sense so I tried to make things a little more intentional. Kinda worked. I also tried to really focus on doing the things I'm supposed to be doing, like laundry and meals and keeping the house and children decent. I had some success with that endeavor but now I'm just really, really tired. Being a grown up is seriously hard work. So I've taken the week off.

6. Although, according to this random Hilary Rosen person, what I am doing is not actually work. I can totally take it easy.

7. My mom brought us a Sam's Club-sized box of Oreos for Easter. They are sitting on top of my refrigerator and they make me happy.

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  1. Love the Hilary Rosen reference~~ You crack me up. I like Easter baskets more than Christmas stockings. The kids look great!

  2. It sounds like we made the same Lenten resolutions. And dude, I was EXHAUSTED! No wonder my normal lazy method is so much preferred....

  3. Pants on Easter are totally overrated anyway.That picture will come in very handy when he's a teenager.
    I totally relate to your prayer struggles. I feel like the only time I squeeze in prayer any more is when I say a Hail Mary at the sound of an ambulance. Thankfully, my husband is trying to be encouraging by reading selections of The Liturgical Year aloud to me at night. At this point, I would not recommend you adopt that practice if you can help it.

  4. I wanted to go to Easter vigil this year but the 'teens' decided that getting up early on Easter would be better...I can't get them out of bed on the weekends past noon?! Go figure!
    Oh Yea, motherhood is soooo not work...right! It's physically exhausting when the kids are little, and then mentally exhausting when they are it's not work at all!