Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. First things first....the belly. 28 weeks. Already starting to garner the "When are you due? Ohhhh...not until July? Wow" comments. Those are always fun.

2. Related to the first item, I've noticed when I scroll back through the pictures on our camera that Brad has begun randomly taking shots of my ever-expanding behind wearing his stolen boxers. Helpful, very helpful. Those boxers are more comfortable than any yoga pants I have in my arsenal right now and I don't care who knows it.

3. I rue the day that the children discovered that a) music can be played in our car and b) there is some music they like more than others. This is terrible. Now, instead of sipping a little coffee and listening to NPR in relative peace on the way to take Gianna to school each day, Morning Edition is punctuated with cries of, "Music!!! We want music now, mom!!!" And then, if I give in, we have to listen to the only two Frank Sinatra songs on our iPod in a continuous loop. Save me.

4. People talk a lot about how much money babies cost, which I always think is pretty bogus, because generally babies are cheap. Kids, now, I could see the argument about kids being a little pricey around the age of 4 or so because you start wanting things for them like ballet classes and giant car seats but babies...nah. Cheap. Anyways, no one ever talks about the hidden costs of pregnancy. Mainly, toilet paper consumption. The combination of a small person sitting on my bladder and constantly drinking water to stay perfectly hydrated equates to a toilet paper usage that is astounding.

5. Gianna is going on a field trip with her school today to a butterfly show and then to a park to eat Chik-fil-A for lunch. I'll let you guess which item she is most excited about, but all I'll say is that I am indeed raising her right.

6. The Easter chocolate is pretty much gone at this point. And it makes me sad.

7. Recently, Gianna has been begging for a pet so last night we took the plunge and there are now 3 earthworms more or less happily ensconced on a bed of leaves, grass, and dirt in an old shoebox. We'll be ready for a dog real soon.

Have a nice weekend and for more Quick Takes go over to Conversion Diary :)


  1. How did you get rid of the chocolate? I am trying to get rid of ours, but then I hear the bry of, "Who, oh who, through my chocolate bunny in the trash?" SIgh. My behind is expanding and I get no precious new baby out of it.

  2. Your belly is SO cute!

    I need to share Easter candy with you. Just as I finished my Reester Bunny this week, my mother in law gave us a bag of reeses eggs and snickers peanut butter eggs. I'm going to look 28 weeks when I finish them.

  3. Anne, you are too funny. 1. You have comments from people who live down the street from us and 2. Are you sure it's not twins? Maybe your mom will get her wish this time. You did mention the bathroom is a little small.

  4. favorite! One just opened up near us and the girls are so excited. M drove there after school on Friday to get her 'fix'!