Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes, With Photos

1. 33 weeeeeeeks hello. The end is in sight-ish. You know what is a good thing to do at this stage in the game? Read Christopher McDougall's Born to Run. Then wake up two (2!) mornings in a row to go walking, barefoot. Break into the teensiest littlest jog. You will feel like a super athlete, even though mostly you'll just look crazy.

2. Brad came home to see this in our bedroom the other day.

that would be a kitchen towel, hanging from the ceiling fan
He remarked, "Please tell me you were dusting the fan. Because I would just....that would be amazing." Uh, no. I don't do fans. If I'm really being honest, I don't really do dusting, in general. I do, however, let my son throw kitchen towels all over the place. Close enough.

3. Buh-bye!

The man who took The Rock said that according to his calculations (using the dimensions of the rock + some sort of text book he owns telling him the volume of granite) the rock weighs approximately 3200 lbs.'s gone!

4. Gianna's last day of school was Wednesday. That evening, her school held a little "recognition ceremony," where I won the award for lazy parenting in that a) my child was the only one still wearing her stained play clothes from school that day, as opposed to a nice dress and b) I didn't bring a camera to take millions of pictures of the event. Also, forgot/neglected to make something nice for her teachers. I'm assuming at this point everyone at the school knows me well enough to realize...this is just the way it is.

 5.  I'm packing up all our crap for our beach trip, and the more I try to pack lightly, the more stuff I feel like I'm bringing. God forbid we get to New Jersey and think, 'If only we'd remembered to pack the cheese grater!"

6. Speaking of the beach, have you noticed that some people are beach people, and other people are not? If I accomplish nothing else in my parenting, please, Lord, let my children be beach people. Plus good moral character, holiness, Catholicism, etc.

7. Again with the beach.....we'll be gone for a week, and I don't know if our little condo at the top of a remodeled Victorian will have Wi-Fi...and even if it does....I'll be on the beach. So, blogging hiatus, of a planned nature. I know you are devastated, since I manage to post so regularly.

I leave you with this

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary, and have a nice weekend, a nice week, and a nice weekend again. Peace.


  1. People change their kids' clothes before those things? You know, I don't remember that many graduations in my school lifetime.

  2. So glad someone finally took over laziest mother of the year award! It was a hard honor to keep up!

  3. I sent Deuce to school in skull tshirt for Easter picture day at his christian preschool. They called to ask if I forgot it was picture day. Nope, that's what he want to wear. God loves little rockers too!

  4. The number of ridiculous trinkets and nick-nacks these teachers must get. I bet they LOVE you for not giving them yet another apple-themed desk accessory or insert-dust-collecting-item-here!

  5. I am so happy to hear of ANOTHER "lazy mom". Not only does that sound exactly like me, but I seriously thought the last day of school was the afternoon of graduation. One would only assume (since I haven't actually read the past couple weeks of notes sent home). Graduation took place on a Thursday. My son stayed home the next day only to get a call from the school wondering if he was sick. "YES! Yes. He was running a little bit of a fever." Which he was. And thank God for that. (hand over the terrible mom award in addition to the lazy mom award).
    Needless to say he made it to the very last 2 days of school which included a field trip that he'd been waiting to go on. How in the world did I mess that one up?

  6. As always, many chuckles! I am not a beach person...but enjoy your beach vacay :)

  7. i super love the beach. We keep going back and forth on what we are doing this year. :( I know we will have the new baby, and we have a lot of other stuff going on..but still. Not to dig my toes in the sand?? Not to look out and breath in that air? I will probably snap in Ausgust and end up going. ;) Congrats on 33 weeks!