Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Be Married For Real

We celebrated six years of wedded bliss this past Sunday (May 27, in case you want to mark that down and send us something awesome next year.) Marriage has been a rockin' good time so far, and I feel that six years sounds...legit. It's over five and therefore closer to 10. Which sounds like...so professional. We are professional married people.

can you tell?
Sometimes, when someone comments that "wow, x years doesn't seem long enough, it feels like it's been longer!" it's with the implication that things have been on the awful side, and time is just dragging by. But when I say it feels like we've been married longer than six years, it's because it's hard to think about NOT being married and it's even harder to wrap my mind around all the things that have happened since we were united in this crazy sacrament.

We need a way to calculate marriage in dog years....each life event adds years to your marriage for the ways that it tests and strengthens your vows.

By my calculations, we're up to like...30 years of marriage over here. We're perilously close to the third kid, we bought our first house, Brad has changed jobs 3 times, we've got the G's special ears going on, and we moved cities and states. Plus, you know, regular life. Because I am now a professional at being married, I shall impart some advice, and here it is:
twas the night before our nuptials and already so mature.

-pray together

-have fun together

-laugh together


Actually, marriage is serious business and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  1. Happy anniversary!!!!

    I was just saying to my (super mature) husband the other day that it is RIDICULOUS how much we've been through together seeing as I haven't even turned 32 yet (I know, I know, just around the corner, but still. 31 and holding :) ). It makes a couple feel so...fancy!

  2. Dog years. Love it! I need precise rules, so I can calculate 13 years, 6 kids, 3 houses, 3 states, and lots of bacon.

    And happy anniversary, like Dwija said. 'Cause she's more socially with it than I am.

  3. dog years - love it! i shall start calculating since we just celebrated 4 years.