Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Fits and Starts

1. My baby is 3 months old as of yesterday. Boo. Newborns are the best. If you sit on the couch reading all day, you look lazy. If you take the same exact scenario, but add a sweet, velvety sleeping baby in your arms, you look legit.

2. Our basement is nearly finished which means I am thisclose to taking every.last.toy and throwing it down the stairs, and slamming the door. Glory will be mine.

3. The flood is coming. Watch out.

4. I heard this wonderful thing on NPR's Talk of the Nation about a company called TaskRabbit. Basically, you go on there and say, "I need someone to help me clean out this embarrassingly dirty closet." And the people who are employed by TaskRabbit bid for the job. You can also like, make people bring you a burrito and stuff. I love everything about this. Apparently it's also nice for people with special skills to find extra work within their specialty.

5. So of course I got to thinking...what are my special skills? I could soothe someone's crying baby while they make dinner. I am good at that. Also building block towers with toddlers and I don't even get angry when they get smashed.

6. I feel like I was doing really well handling regular life with a newborn but then I remember that I still have to do stuff like laundry or that I have been holding Gianna's homework folder hostage for a week when I organized it to an out-of-the-way place. Other things being neglected: showers, grocery shopping, mopping the floor, this blog.

7. I had big plans for the $20 I made writing that magazine article, but I keep forgetting to cash the check. I was going to go pay off my library fines so I can show my face there again now that I am getting perilously close to being out of reading material except now I think maybe I'll just go to H&M instead. My friends have books I haven't read yet, so I should be fine.

For more Quick Takes: Conversion Diary and have a good weekend!


  1. I was at $14...shh, don't tell my husband...and they told me (via automated phone call, of course) that they were sending a collection company after my sorry behind. For $14!! I sheepishly slunk in last week and paid up, by feeding about 1/2 of our loose change can into the little machine. And then I checked out my favourite library cookbook, who I'd missed a lot, and brought it home so my 8 month old could rip the title page out. He took care of the table of contents last time. Don't you love the library?

  2. We had to have a library smackdown at our house because of the fines the kids were racking up. At 20 cents per day per book, ouch. Never heard of Taskrabbit. I've got a list as long as my arm of things I'd like people to do. Can't pay them, but I'd love for them to do them. Congratulations on the baby.

  3. I would like to come pitch toys down to your basement with you. Can I bring some of my kids' toys too??

  4. Agreed having an excuse to read all day is the best thing about newborns.. Except the newborn.

  5. We have a basement playroom for Legos and play food, and an upstairs playroom for all the other toys. IT IS WONDERFUL AND HAS SERIOUSLY SAVED MY MARRIAGE.

    I wish I was joking on that, but I am not. Seriously.

  6. Ooooooh, the throwing of the toys and the slamming of the door will make you feel like the most glorious mother and housekeeper in America! Seriously. We have a play room (not in the basement. sob.) and I do whirlwind through the house at the end of the day, scoop up all the junk that has spilled out, and literally toss it in the door. Voila! Real part of house done! You are gonna LOVE IT.