Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lower Standards, Greater Heights

One time after Dominic was born I was at daily Mass with him and Gianna and this very sweet, very put-together mom smiled at me and said, "Oh, two kids is hard." She had one four year old in tow, but before I could feel all judged she added, "It's so much easier now with four."

What the? I was thinking she was either delusional or a big, fat liar because 10 weeks in to my second kid I was still trying to figure out how in the world I ever thought I could handle more than two children. She must have sensed my confusion because she explained, "Well, the older ones get older, and they can help a little, and they play together, and you become more relaxed, and it's fine."

I was still slightly suspicious, but I'm an optimist by nature so I was happy to buy into her happy little folktale.

As I sit now, parked on the couch with my third baby while Brad and Dominic are dropping Gianna off at school, I'm thinking that this seasoned mom of four was right in at least one thing: standards have definitely been lowered around here

until you've eaten sprinkles off the floor, you haven't lived
does anybody feed these children?
very safe
But I am totally okay with that.


  1. Thank you for this view into your home and also your perspective!

  2. I don't know about easier, but they are less crazy, I have 4 (7,6,4,2) and now that they all play together, I have more time to breathe and actually complete a task. However, the bickering is certainly annoying, so it's a toss up as to what I prefer :)

  3. We're up to 8 around here. And it does get easier as the top half gets older. There is still a lot to do, and I still really crave a full nights sleep, but there are hands who are (mostly!) willing to pitch in when I need them. For me, the hardest part has been when they have left home. One is married, one in college, one in grad school. I miss them so much! But, to everything there is a season. And now I get grandbabies!! :)

    God bless you

  4. I've heard that, too! And I'll be honest and tell you that I'm still suspicious. But I only have two for now. I love your perspective and it gives me hope for when we are blessed with another.

  5. Oh, yeah, I do think four is easier than two! In some ways, I am really stretched thin and boy can they be noisey. But, in other ways, it is a bit easier. http://waldenmommyandfamily.blogspot.com/2012/10/little-dudes-and-me.html

  6. Thats ok! We sometimes find ourselves eating dropped food off the floor around here too....and I only have 1 so far! :)