Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I Was Thinking

I have about 5 blog posts at 3% completion and meanwhile this blog is looking more and more neglected. Blog stress is a powerful thing. So I thought, "How about I post a Youtube video I made awhile ago that instructs the viewer how to nurse their baby in a ring sling?" 

It is fairly embarrassing and kind of awkward. Since people love watching other people do awkward/embarrassing things, I figured even if you don't care a whit about nursing a baby in a ring sling, it could be slightly entertaining. All kidding aside, nursing a baby in a ring sling is a skill that I might die without. If you watch this and feel sad because it looks hard, remember I have been perfecting this skill for five years. The first time I tried to accomplish this feat it was a hot mess.

What is so great about this video? Could be it that Brad helpfully points at my just-birthed-a-baby-butt when I bend over to pick up Pia? Could it be the sounds of our older children shouting from their beds for the entirety of the video when they are supposed to be sleeping? Could it be my use of air quotes? Could it be that the decorations from Pia's Baptism party are still hanging in the window? Or the fact that every time I say the word "sling" I sound decidedly Kentucky? Or maybe it's the near-constant smirk on my face as I try not to laugh? I'll let you decide. And while you're at it, any suggestions for a better default hair situation?


  1. OOOOooooohhhhh... "BURP POSITION"...

  2. This was really helpful! I didn't use a sling or a wrap after my son was born (don't ask me why...I tell people I was intimated by the complex "wrapping" system but really I was just too lazy to give it a shot), but I've overcome my fear for baby #2 and purchased a Moby wrap. I've heard a lot of parents say it's so easy to nurse your baby that way. I definitely appreciate the instructional video!

    Oh and I totally feel you on the 5% completion of blog posts. I have multiple posts started, with topics ranging from natural childbirth to Advent celebrations to recipes to Immaculee Ilibagiza (who will be speaking at our church in February!!!!).

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE watching blogger's videos. I have an Ergo sling, and have never used a ring sling, but I don't care. The video is awesome, I love the kids in the background, and the subtle pointing out of your butt was hilarious.

    And I'm realizing this is one of the more awkward comments you'll ever get/I'll ever write.

  4. This totally makes me want to get a ring sling just so I can try this!

    (love the air quotes. the best)

  5. That was definitley the best vlog I've ever seen. So glad I watched. I nurse in the Ergo with older babies, and with younger ones, I nurse in the ring sling with the baby in the upright position, the same way you'd carry them. I like your way, though. I'll have to try that tomorrow.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I am expecting baby #3 and did not have a sling or carrier for #1 or #2 but have made one in anticipation of expecting this one and am looking forward to using it... probably ALL THE TIME as I'm chasing around the other two, pouring milk, making dinner, cleaning up milk,... walking up for communion, etc. And was wondering how the heck to get baby situated and nurse in this thing. SO THANK YOU!