Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes: All Hallow's Eve; A Reduction

1. Number of frog costumes purchased for 70% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics the day of: 1. I got the costume up to Dominic's knees before he declared, "This is too silly!"

 2. He did end up wearing it, and Brad took them around the street in a wagon, Oregon Trail style. It was rainy and gross and cold so Pia and I took one for the team and passed out the Tootsie Roll pops from the fort.

3. I went ALL out and bought this stuff to make pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.

They turned out rather nicely, yes?
ohhhhhhhh you bake them?
 4. Number of children who requested extra candy "for their brother/sister/cousin": 5

5. Number of children inadvertently exposed to breastfeeding: 25

6. Most popular costume: variation on zombie....zombies wearing jerseys, zombie cheerleaders, zombie regular children, zombie pirates, zombie zombies

 7. Number of children who oooooh'ed and awwwwww'd and "cute baby!!!'ed" my Pia Baby: all of them. No joke. I think we got about 100 trick-or-treaters (boo. I wanted more. I love passing out candy...I think it stems from a childhood of living pretty much on the side of a mountain in Alaska and we got approximately zero trick-or-treaters. But I digress) and they all commented adoringly on the baby. Even the rowdy group of 9th grade boys fell down in adoration. Lesson/meaning of Halloween: kids like babies.
awake! smiling! happy halloween!
 Have a fab weekend! More Quick Takes: Conversion Diary


  1. Bring me that baby so I can NOMNOMNOM her this instant! (do I say that every time? Probably. I'm not even ashamed.)

  2. I am thinking I would ooo and ahhh at that stinkin adorable baby too:) Passing out candy is one of my favorite Halloween activities too. Unfortunately I got to pass out zero pieces because we were out being the trick or treaters! So we left a bowl out (which of course was all gone when we got home). Happy Friday!

  3. *squees at the sight of all the cuteness*