Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Back In The Game

Just in time to break for the weekend.

1. Stomach flu 2011 accomplished. 3 down hopefully not Brad to go. Brad is not a fun patient. He thinks he gets a "stronger, mutated form of the virus" and gets to take time off work, which makes it v. hard for me to muster up much sympathy, since mommas don't get sick days.

2. After hearing a story on NPR earlier this week about how currently in Japan it's all the rage for mothers to spend upwards of 2 hours sculpting characters out of balls of rice for their children's lunches, I (mentally) wrote a whole blog post about it. I think I even managed to draw some profound conclusions about the ridiculous lengths us mothers go in order to achieve some random ideal about which our children probably could care less but now I don't remember it. All I know is that I really wish that the reporter would have found some moms who were bucking the trend and refusing to participate. I think that would have seriously amusing.

3. Speaking of lunch stress, Gianna came home in tears the other day because other kids at school get "Lunchbles" (that is, Lunchables) but I refuse to buy that crap, so I felt kinda bad. What I really wanted to do was tell the other parents not to send Lunchbles (errr Lunchables) with their children so that my darling daughter can stop breaking her heart and I don't have to spend millions of lunch dollars buying ultra-processed, chemical laden-foods, but instead I ghetto-rigged some small, circular-shaped provolone and salami with some whole wheat crackers and sold it to her as a "a Lunchble. but better!" I am pleased to report she bought it.

4. And going on that tangent, speaking of crappy food. In the midst of my stomach illness I sent Brad to the store for the things I need when I am sick. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup. In the box. And Cream of Wheat. I feel like I'm 12 again, but I don't so much currently care.

5. Every store should have a drive-thru for people with small children. It's so annoying to un-load the kids, put on their coats, and go into a store to get one or two things. Then go back outside, remove coats, load them in....Drive-thrus. Or errand boys. I'd take that, too.

6. Why is it hard to find dark grey or black dress pants for little boys? Am I shopping-challenged?

7. I cleaned half my bathroom (the toilet half) today. And I have already thought about making dinner three times. Progress, progress.

Yeah weekend, 4th Sunday of Advent, and more Quick Takes


  1. i love your posts! you crack me up! that japanese-bento-lunch story was unreal! two hours!

  2. My girls would have a heart attack if I spent two hours making their lunch, and out of rice!!

  3. I can completely relate to item no. one.

    Extending sympathy to my home-from-work-staying-in-bed-to-recuperate husband when *I* just got over the same flu with no benefit of sick days, bed rest, or respite from children is one of the hardest things asked of me as a wife.

  4. wait. Lunchables aren't nutritious????

    ha. Simon brings them home from work for 'free'(one small perk of his wretched job) and I get allll excited when Julia guzzles them down because ... otherwise all she eats is hot dogs and chicken nuggets and m&m's.

    mom failure ... for sure.

    maybe I should reintroduce her to breast milk.

  5. least you're getting it for 'free' lol Also I think at this juncture the season of your life is entitled "Survival" and judging from me!

    Oddly enough, when I heard the Japanese lunch story I was making a late-night Kroger-run b/c I was out of food for Gianna lunch. I was not inspired to sculpt any rice, though.

  6. #5 .... POST OFFICE. Take a hint, the post office could have a drive through so easy.

    #6 Amazon? WE could ship them free to you but you can't make sure they will fit first.

    Finally, thank you for being my hilarious/am I OK? meter in this whole parenting thing. Good job on the Lunchbles. ;)