Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Or, how to acquire a Christmas tree with a toddler working against you.

In a rare move away from our traditional frugalities, we got our Christmas tree a week early. We usually wait until Christmas Eve to get one, because we don't decorate until then anyways, and's so CHEAP. Last year, we got a $50 tree for $10. My sister and brother-in-law got theirs at Lowes for a whole dollar. Nonetheless, Brad was complaining that my cheap tree idea yields us this:

every year, and he wanted a bit spiffier of a tree. So we went early to ensure a better selection. First, Dominic screamed while we got him ready. Then, he screamed because he wanted the Fox in Sox.

We inspected the trees like the experts we are.

Lots of distractions of "Looooooook at all the Christmas trees!!!!!!!!! Wow!" yielded some results. Plus a winning tree.

when I think of this night, I shall choose to remember it thusly

Locked and loaded.

Whatever it was, it was devastating. I think he wanted the free snowman ornament with the ear muffs, not the scarf.

I tried to distract him by announcing it was "Time to water the tree!" which prompted him to snatch the cup and declare it, "MIIIIIIIINE!"

We took turns watering the tree, but not everyone was happy about it.

I'm almost 2 and therefore hate everything in the world, except those things which I am not supposed to have
 I attempted to regain Christmas cheer by offering hand-crafted mini pizzas.

50% successful.

But the deed is done. Now if I could somehow find a way to get Dominic to stop throwing his bouncy balls into the tree, we might be in business.

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