Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Bad Blogging

1. How many unfinished posts do I have lying around? Lots. And lots.

2. I might be a bad blogger, but I am not a dishonest blogger. And neither is my buddy, Little Stay At Home Momma. Case in point. She and her progeny came over for a little St. Nicholas Feast Day baking and her eldest child, Davy, was playing oh so quietly in Gianna's room. I wondered for a moment if this boded ill for our happy group, but I dismissed such dour thoughts because, well...there's not THAT much to get into in there, and besides, we are really discussing v. important things out here like whether or not we're showing yet and whether or not it's ok to live on chips and salsa alone in the first trimester. The results:
there is, in fact, a lot 'to get into'
That's why I'm saying we aren't liar liar pants on fire. Our kids really are crrrrrazy. Later that same day, Dominic was hard at work:
rough estimate: about half of whatever is not glued down to the train table is in there with the pots and pans. plus the kid's plastic-ware relocation
 3. This is not bad blogging, but bad religious formation. We printed off an Advent chain complete with scripture versus. Have we used this yet? Have we even assembled this yet? Nope. But I did find our glue stick stash.

4. At this time I do not feel comfortable disclosing how much of the 20 half-gallons of ice cream are left in our freezer.

5. I feel I must apologize to my fellow Ohioans for single-handedly bringing about a very mild winter thus far. It's not global warming or the day after tomorrow or anything like that. The inconvenient truth is that I purchased some serious snow boots. Big girl snow boots. Sorrels. For cash money.  And now that I have these in my possession in total winter-preparedness, it will never snow again in the Cincinnati area. Lo siento.

6. I have decided to crochet our Christmas stockings. So far I have completed one cuff of one stocking. Yes. This was a good plan.

7. I resolve and do solemnly swear to do less bad blogging and to do more blogging in general. Plus laundry.

for more 7 Quick Takes check Conversion Diary...have a lovely 3rd weekend of Advent :)


  1. The only thing my kids fully grasp about Advent is 1. all the baby Jesuses in the house's many nativity sets are conspicuously missing
    2. they're all hidden behind one of the pictures on the credenza, and if you take one of Him to use in your dollhouse, you will get in Very Big Trouble

  2. thank you for verifying that my eldest child is indeed crazy. and i hope you are all thriving over there.

  3. I found you through Conversion Diary and am happy to see some of my funnestest bloggy friends here already. Yay! So hello from a fellow pregnant Catholic mommy in the midwest. And I'm also hoping for my first homebirth, so I'm super extra glad to have found you :)

  4. Not bad blogging at all! My dashboard is littered with unfinished posts, many of them only titles with two or three words in the body of the post. Do you know hard it is for this mama to pick up on the thread of what the post was supposed to be? Hard.

    Advent is bare bones around here, and that's on purpose. I never have glue stick or scissors when I need them (the children hoard them), and all our baby Jesus' have to be rescued from a certain child's mouth. It happens.

    Christmas will come either way. :)