Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Low Standards (or..How To Get Some Peace and Semi-Quiet)

1. Brad wasn't able to take off any time for Christmas, so it's been me and the kiddos allllllllll day, alllllll week long. Breakfast has been a most nutritious affair, involving the locust-like consumption of the cinnamon rolls left from Christmas am.

2. When Dominic wakes at the sprightly hour of 6 am after harassing me most of the night for mawKKKK I'm not ready to get up yet. I'm just not. So I've been dragging my pillow, Linus-style, into G's room and dumping any set of toys on the floor that I think will entertain my little hooligan, including but not limited to battery-operated devices that, being in my right-mind and well-rested, I would normally eschew. Then I crawl into G's bottom bunk and basically pass out.

3. In order to buy some peace and quiet, I allowed the following to occur. It will be so fun peeling all those stickers off a year from now when I finally get around to it and I give a care.

4. In order to celebrate the Christmas season (12 days peeps. Even though the stores have Valentine crap up already) we left our tree up and all that jazz but mostly...I've been allowing daily viewings of Elmo's Christmas Countdown. Every time I have to listen to Anne Hathaway sing "I want a Snufflelufugus for Christmas" a part of me dies inside.

5. We had popcorn for a snack yesterday afternoon (popped on the stove....the kids think I am magical) and Dominic dumped his bowl on the floor. I was a teensy irritated, and handed him the dust pan and small brush to sweep it up, and when I checked on him next he had carefully swept everything into the dust pan and was then eating the popcorn out of it. So gross. So funny.
He ate it all.

6. Whilst wearing their hats and gloves (why? I'll never understand) I let them take every last piece of Tupperware out of the cabinets and chuck it all over the kitchen.

7. We took the kids to Chipotle for dinner last night because I decided to clock out at about 4 pm. The kids were being very cute and very funny, most especially Doms, who by the end of the meal was crawling on the floor RAAAARRRRING at people like a lion. We allowed it because we were laughing so hard we couldn't do anything about it. I'm sure the other patrons thought our little lovey was just brilliant.

 More quick takes here and Happy New Year. I should have done 7 New Year's resolutions but the only two resolutions I had last year were failures (learn to sew HA and garden NOPE.) So. Meh.


  1. ooooo i forgot that it's new years resolution time. thanks for not making me feel so bad for eating outside the home. again. I <3 my kitchen staying somewhat clean. and the pics are fab, as usual. the stickers are worse than I imagined.

  2. #3 same thing happen with us only all over the floor..still have snoopy dressed as a leprechaun on my floor

    Hope the next few weeks are a little easier for you :) At least you make it look good right?

  3. 4- Thank you! We keep our stuff up until the Epiphany and walking into Hobby Lobby right now makes me want to throw up.

    Hope you have a very happy New Year!

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We still have our tree up as well and it probably won't come down until sometime in February. My husband and I took a walk today and there were several trees on the curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage men. It made me sad, the trees still looked pretty good!

  5. ahhh, trying to take care of kids and being preggo at the same time. I have done all of the above and worse. Deuce and Kayla can tell time according to what PBS show is on. So, they can read now too!! thanks Sesame street and Word World!!