Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Was That Wrong?

1. Firstly, watch this video. The person or persons who uploaded it to YouTube disabled embedding so I have to do this the lame way and make you click on the link.

2. To let Dominic open a dusty box of tampons and shred/strew them all over the house. And driveway.

3. To purchase and then consume Christmas M&Ms (50% off at Target) all on my own in the same manner in which an alcoholic might surreptitiously take small sips of liquor throughout the day. In my defense, they were peanut M&M's and thus had four grams of protein per 1/4 cup serving.

4. To forget my prenatal vitamins at my parent's house during Thanksgiving in such a way that I just remembered last week-ish that, Oh yeah. I'm supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins, then forgetting again until today that, Oh yeah...I am supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins and should get more prenatal vitamins.

5. To allow Dominic to wear nothing but PJ's in public everyday this week.

6. To allow myself to wear PJ's  in public everyday this week.

7. To extract, when executing my tri-annual cleaning binge on the Camry, enough trash to fill 2 Kroger bags along with copious amounts of items that need to be returned to the house (dishes, clothing, toys, books, drinks, old food, very old food, Tupperware, artwork by Gianna, shoes, money--ha I wish, baby carriers, diapers, etc.)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Weekend! More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary


  1. Hilarious video! That show was really funny back then, and today.

  2. I've never condoned the tampon shredding, but I *have* been gifted with a tampon (unused!) by my son, who had no idea what it was, but thought it looked like a pretty cool prize for a contest he was running.

  3. Haha! Love Seinfeld. :)

    Also peanut M&M's are dangerously addictive and as you pointed out a good source of protein. Happy weekend!

  4. Oh the covert candy sneaking. If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right!

  5. As I'm reading this after watching the video I have my husband quoting the whole scene. lol

  6. M&Ms are never wrong, esp. peanut ones.