Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year + Famous

Brad and I are being interviewed on the Mike Allen Show today, at about 5:15 EST. We're supposed to be bringing "Catholic perspective and humour to the insanity of young parenthood." We def have the insanity part down.

Click here to get to Real Life Radio's website and listen live. Your life will be changed, and I'll get famous. It's a win-win.

Oh. And Happy New Year. Our New Year's Eve was AMAZING. Gianna chose not to fall asleep until well past midnight, despite being put to bed at 9 pm and being threatened, entreatied, begged, scolded, abondoned, cuddled, rocked, held, snuggled, etc. Totally rockin'. Good thing we didn't make any New Year's resolutions concerning increase in patience; it's not good to fail so early on in the year.

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