Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Operation: Potty Train

 This is evidence of a desperate woman.

A woman whose newly minted two year old eschews any and all talk of potty.

A woman whose slowly blossoming tummy is a reminder that more diapers are coming.

A woman who has changed too many horribly disgusting poopy toddler diapers recently.

A woman who, when faced with the decision to order more cloth diapers in the next size up, rebelled and instead spent $24.99 on an obnoxiously hideous Sesame Street potty that makes NOISE.

A woman who sat in the toilet training aisle of Target begging her 2 year old to pick a potty, any potty, that he would deign to sit upon.

A woman who bought an over-priced package of liscensed children's underware, Thomas the Train variety, in the hopes of potty success.

Yes. This woman is me. And I am (mostly) not ashamed.

It does not bode well for me considering that during the two hour trip to Target my wily little guy discovered the phrase, "for go pee pee on the potty!" to have a magical effect on my wallet. No joke. That's how I came to buy those stickers. Even though the Sesame Street potty promised stickers included. And I almost bought a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, because he picked it up and said, "Need it!" and when I said, "No...we don't" he replied, "I need it! For pee pee on the potty!" I am proud to say I drew the line there.

I should have bought some Yuengling for Brad....I just need to remember to remind him that the Target run was cheaper than new diapers. That is....if all the new accoutrements succeed in convincing my small woodland creature darling son that pee pee on the potty is the way to go.


  1. Let me know how that works, my two year old screams, NO POTTY EVAH, when I mention it

  2. I am right there with you. B is almost 3 for pete's sake and still refusing any and all talk of the potty. I'm almost at the "purchase a noisy Sesame Street potty with stickers" phase. I will be pushed over the brink if you report back with success. :)