Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. I love looking down at this face all day. But honestly....can we get some eyebrows for this kid?
woah. maybe Instagram would help?
 2. I am so glad God invented grandmothers. Grandmothers come to your house and do things like scrub your kitchen floor on their hands and knees after playing Unicorn-Cheetah with your children all day. They are the best.

3. This is how to get anything done with a new baby. Or eat a meal with two hands.

clearly I only ate the nothing done.
 4. Dominic's current syntax: "Mom can we have orange juice mom??" or "Can we go potty?" When he first starting saying this I would look around trying to figure out who else he was talking about but I soon realized....he's just referring to himself. Conclusion: Dominic has discovered, and regularly uses, the Royal "We."

5. School starts again next week...the big kindergarten year. Gianna is excited but I am certain it will wreck the Doms to lose his playmate. What is crazy to me is that this will be Gianna's third year of full-day school AND her last year before being mainstreamed....We have some big decisions to make. Dang grown-up time.

6. Speaking of school and avoiding grown up responsibilities, who STILL hasn't filled out the returning-student forms that were given out in May?? That would be me.

7. Lastly, I have to mention a friend of mine who gave birth to her son yesterday and held him tightly in her arms for a few hours before he passed away. When Stephanie and her husband learned that baby Peter had anencephaly, they could have ended his life with an abortion, but instead they courageously chose to believe that all life is precious. Stephanie cradled her son in her womb until he was ready to come earth-side, and she and Steve and their daughters cradled Peter in their arms and had him baptized. He knew only love in his short life before he passed into the arms of Our Lord. One of the hardest thing to accept as a parent is that we cannot, and really should not, shield our children from all suffering. When we do we deprive them of the ability to learn mercy and to discover a deeper, self-sacrificing love. Please join me in continuing to pray for this family as they grieve and celebrate the life of Peter Benedict. I have been honored to know them and to pray for them. Their blog.

For more Quick Takes head over to Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend and hold your babies close to you.

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