Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get This Look

You know those "life-style" blogs that show their readers how they have showered and gotten themselves dressed? Yeah well, congrats to them. Today I bring something better: toddler fashion.

I cannot express how much I love seeing another mother in the grocery store pushing a shopping cart with a little girl wearing what is clearly a Batman pajama shirt, hot pink tutu, and waving a fly swatter. I know what happened in that house. That kid said, "But mom, I am a Bat-ballerina-princess today and this is my wand!" And the mom said, "That's fantastic. Get in the car."

Because smart moms don't fight with small children about clothing. Small children will always find a way to win. I only object to clothing choices that are a) actually dangerous and b) not Mass-appropriate if that is where we are heading. The rest of life is fair game.

The nice thing is that most people, when they see you bring your daughter to the library wearing her tutu bathing suit, a cardigan, and green polka dot Baby Legs in early October, assume your kid dressed themselves. The problem is when your older children insist on choosing clothing for your newborn. If your newborn looks ridiculous, well, people are going to assume that was YOUR fault.

Anyhoo. I promised toddler fashion, and toddler fashion is what you'll get.
Protective Head Gear: doting grandparents
Oxford shirt: Children's Place
Undies: Disney for Target
Attitude: Himself


  1. I love it when kids wear costumes in public. Once, when taking my semi-annual trip to the library, a mom looked over my kids (all of whom were wearing variations on the Bat-ballerina-princess, and only one of whom was a girl), and said approvingly, "You can always spot a child from a good family by costumes worn in public."

  2. Hahahaha!!! Isaac doesn't object to the clothes I put on him...yet, but he DOES have an opinion about his shoes. My mom bought these winter boots off the 'gold star' clearance rack from Kohl's. They weren't his size for NEXT winter, but this spring/summer. Whatever...they are play-in-the-yard-get-muddy-step-on-chicken-poop boots that mama doesn't care about. Until he wants to wear them for grocery shopping. With shorts and a polo. And he has those water shoes. Mom bought him those for the pool this summer. Well now it's a toss up between the dirty winter boots and the water shoes to wear in public. PS DON'T YOU LOVE BABY LEGS?!

  3. Love this! My daughter is famous for interesting looks. Such as a one-piece bathing suit with a pair of plastic diaper cover panties over it, a pair of my pumps, arms full of plastic baby chain links, and a knit hat. I didn't let that one out of the house, but we have taken umbrellas out when it's not raining, worn tutus to the store, and even two different shoes when that was the preferred look. As long as I wasn't the one awkwardly lurching along on soles of two different thicknesses, I didn't care. :)