Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Obligatory

First day back to school post where I post gratuitous photos of the child returning to school and confess what an emotional wreck I was, I can't believe how big she is, etc etc.

Fail, count 1: did not take a picture
Fail, count 2: did not get emotional.

I was up too late filling out those infernal returning-student forms (um and watching Antiques Roadshow....options are limited when you lack cable don't judge) and then we all sort of over-slept and I spent the morning alternatively encouraging everyone to step lively and worrying about the weird stiffness in the baby's neck.

BUT. We made it on time! It's a back-to-school miracle! Probably I'll stage a faux back-to-school picture later, after I drive 30 minutes into Kentucky to retrieve this item we found on Craigslist. Every boy needs a bike with some chrome.

We had a helluva summer....went to the beach, trudged around the zoo a few times in the ungodly heat, sun-bathed at the pool, and had a baby. Not too shabby.

UPDATED: pics.

purple nails for the 1st day...crucial


  1. Love her butterfly dress! As usual, your kids are adorable :).

  2. Wait. What is this weird baby neck stiffness. Mary has it too. I've been busy googling "torticollis" for days. Give me your findings!