Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thus Far

During my short tenure as Mother of Three, I have managed to:

-search painstakingly for just the right electronic invitation for Pia's Baptism (via Cocodot, as recommended by a Better Homes and Gardens mag I pilfered from my sister) only to send it out without including the actual date of the Baptism

-test out our new home phone by dialing our own phone number and being very, very confused to hear a busy signal and thinking, doesn't Little Stay at Home Momma have call waiting anymore??

-be unable to find the plug for our wipes warmer, which I organized/nested right into a place I do not remember, then to be surprised by it in a kitchen drawer while I was searching for something else (my excitment over the wipes warmer discovery overshadowed the search for the initial item and now I cannot remember what I was supposed to be looking for.)

-completely forgot to lock the back-of-the-church-bathroom door when we took our fam of 5 to its first Mass. Luckily for me (and the poor man who walked in on me) I had chosen to change Pia's diaper before taking myself to the potty and only her dignity was on the line. Um. And this actually happened twice.

So basically.....becoming the mother of three children hasn't changed me a bit. At least I didn't bring a speeding ticket to Pia's first visit to el doctor.This fact alone tells me my mothering skills are slowwwwwly improving...

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  1. Awesome! You are about as forgetful as me. I bet our husbands could swap stories and roll eyes for hours.