Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes: In Which I Attempt To Be An Adult

1. This week I tried a little experiment in which I attempted to incorporate adult-like behaviors into my everyday, un-adult-like life.

2. Sidebar: One would think that 5 (and counting) years of marriage and two small children would have effectively launched me into adulthood but alas, adulthood eludes me. Or perhaps, as I am of the endless adolescent generation, I am eluding it.

3. Carry on. My first adult concept I tried to incorporate was that of taking responsibility. This mainly meant that I didn't leave dishes in the sink all night, leave large messes laying about, actually completing a load of laundry by washing, drying, folding, AND putting it away within the same 24 hour period, and etc etc.

4. Then I thought, I should really try to be organized. Adults are organized. They have small calendars and they know what the heck is going on. So I wrote down appointments, consulted the calendar for the day's events, and tried to pack the diaper bag in  logical, peaceful manner in opposition to my normal method of tossing things in on my way out the door and hoping for the best.

5. Adults are prepared. Adults make their children's lunch the night before and fill it with thoughtful, nutritious foods. Adults know what is on the docket for dinner, and they make many dinner preparations throughout the day, in order to have dinner served promptly and allow for an orderly evening.

6. Conclusion: Being an adult is very hard work. The slight sense of pride born of productivity and accomplishment are vastly overshadowed by feeling v. v. tired. I was lacking in punctuality, though distinctively less so, and more fashionable (because an adult showers with more frequency and takes some thought to their outward appearance.)

7. In full disclosure, my experiment lasted about 2 days.The difficulty of being an adult is that adult-like tasks are on-going and do not allow for such things as the Interwebs, leisurely reading, or long phone conversations that include topics such as how not to waste so much time, how to be more like an adult, etc. If you stop for a moment to do anything non-adult-like, the whole damn thing falls apart. Yeah. I said damn. I'm adult, and I can do that if I want.

7 Quick Takes is hosted at Conversion Diary. Have a fab weekend! 


  1. love this. adulthood is over. rated. not that i would know, because i am definitely not an adult.

  2. LOL!!!! I am RIGHT THERE with you Anne :) At least we have company in this adult/not adult place :) Love you! -Rachel

  3. Adulthood is WAY over rated...
    I'm proud to say I met none of your criteria! :)