Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Complicated

Just like the magazine, except....better.

Wondering how to tell if you need to run your dishwasher? Forget those magnet reminders. You know it's time to run the dishwasher when you are reduced to using little plastic shovels pilfered from your most recent trip to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt while making poppy seed muffins for the parent group meeting. It's best to begin this project at midnight the night before the 9am meeting. Clearly.

Here's an idea! Don't buy those fancy vitamin-infused water. Your toddler can do that for you. This is broccoli-water and it's delish.

A clean workspace when rolling out pretzels is important. This is completely health-department certified.

Save time by not towel drying your dishes. Air dry baby.
this is my best creation yet. 
 Artful presentation of fruits? Forget it. Dump it on the counter. The locusts....errrrr.....your darling children+dashing husband....will just consume it in seconds anyways.

Everything in it's place and a place for everything.
the clothes are clean. does that make this okay?
 At least I know I am raising them right.
kid knows how to properly get every.last.drop of homemade chocolate coconut milk ice cream  
ice cream accomplished

who needs TV when there is Pottery Barn


  1. i am very impressed at the heighth you got on that stack of dishes!! i just leave mine un the dishwasher. my kids have no idea they are supposed to go in the cabinets cause I always just get them something from inside!!

  2. lol!!! I thought that little orange shovel looked familiar!! I once caught my husband eating cereal with a baby spoon because he we were out of "real spoons"bahaahah