Friday, September 2, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: What It Is Right Now

1. You might be wondering why I write the way I do sometimes...why odd phrases from old rap songs are laced through the lexicon of this blog. My father grew up on the The Beatles. Conversely, my musical influences in high school were the One and Only D-R-E and The Snoop D-O-double-G, and the group that said.......annnnnnways. So when I say random crap like, "You know what Dre, I don't like your attitude," you know from whence I speak.

2. The Aftermath of a toddler playdate
mmmmmmm dried apples anyone?
 3. Gianna received Cold Hard Cash Monies from my mother for being such a big helper while we were dog-sitting for her.
they say Dre fell off, but how? his last album was The Chronic
  4. Today, while we were waiting for my mom to get back from picking G up from school, Dominic and I watched an epic battle between a neighborhood dog and a ground hog. I really thought the ground hog was a goner, but it used the ever-classic "go limp" approach and managed to get free and disappear down a storm drain. The best part was the dog's owner, who kept shouting from the perimeter of the fight, "McKaya, STOP! Stop!!!!!! I SAID STOP!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME YELLING AT YOU?!?!?!?" like that was going to work. This dog had shed all manner of domestication. It was nature v. nature and I am still incredulous that this guy thought he had any chance at breaking up the fight.

5. After watching about a million instructional videos on YouTube, I can now state with confidence that I can properly fold a fitted sheet. Those elasticized corners will never defeat me again. Wrecking Dominic when I won't let him play with camera is just an added bonus.

6. I had two major goals when this year started. I was going to grow food in my yard, and I was going to learn how to sew well enough to make one of these by Halloween. So far, I grew some lettuce that I didn't even plant, my non-gluing-train-track-friends gave it to me. So, semi-fail. I acquired a sewing machine from my sister, who conveniently had a newborn and said she wouldn't need it for awhile. Then, last week, another buddy of mine showed me HOW TO TURN ON THE MACHINE. Alas, I lack thread. So, the next lesson will be how to thread the machine. I've still got time.....

7. Theme for life is: SERENITY NOWinsanity later

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  1. I love #7. My personal rap influence is 2Pac.

  2. My question is, why would anyone stop a dog from killing a groundhog?????

    Although it would be better if it was a mole.


  3. lol!! I love #6. I went as far as to buy a machine and take classes only to loose one of the Dooley bobs that hold the fabric in place while it sews and haven't replaced it and forgot everything I learned...blah.I love your blog, It has made me laugh and yes I too am part of the D o double G