Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Good Wife

That would be me. Alternate title to this post: How To Break the News of A Target Run To Your Husband, Because Pregnant Ladyz Be Spendin'

First, you'll need a really nice bag. Like this one.
what will I think of next?
 Then, you'll want a cute notepad to write your love-note on. I like this stack of notes a lot...I received it as a gift from a close friend at my bachelorette party and it sure does come in handy. I like that the sayings on the cards are never cheesy....except for when they are intentionally cheesy, which is the I-am-fully-aware-this-is-cheesy cheesy and therefor cool-cheesy, not lame-cheesy.

Write a nice little specific. Not, "You are the best husband ever!" Too general to be believed. Try, "Thanks for mopping up all the water in the basement so cheerfully!"

Then, the swag. You'll want to include:

-mayonnaise for his turkey sandwiches that you forgot to buy on the last Kroger trip

-new pair of tweezers, since all the previous pairs have been lost. We only have 2 eyebrows between us, so tweezers are a critical piece of equipment that cannot be gone without

-new bag of Starbucks Whole Bean Morning Blend coffee....with a note stating there is half&half in the fridge. Just to show that while you may have given up coffee, you're still attentive to his caffeine needs.

-a note saying you completely filled up the Brita water filter in the fridge because you know it's his most hated job

Or similar items. The only thing I can think of that would have improved this list would be a package of bacon and a case of Yuengling. There's always the next Target trip, though.


  1. Anne you crack me up! I must say, this IS the way to a man's heart...but 'stuck on you notes' didn't quite work as planned for me...oh well...

    Since I'm on 'maternity leave' (really, I'm self-employed, so my definition of 'leave' is different than others) I spend like 1 hour of time on paper/admin work and now I *gasp* have more time to take care of the house work. My hubby came home today and said, 'Wow, the house looks really clean!' I better be careful, he might start expecting gourmet meals he did the last time I was on leave...

  2. bwahahahaha! this is spot on -- and I can think of a couple other ways for this good wife to break a Target run to my hubs, but this is a nice family blog. ;-)