Thursday, November 17, 2011


You know that joke where the one girl asks the other girl about the green streak in her hair and she goes, "It's natural," and wipes her snot-covered hand up into her hair? I love that joke.

Annnyways. Naturally, the best place to store a half-eaten cream cheese toddler bagel is on top of the trash can.

I know you're wondering if I let him keep eating this atrocity after it's run-in with the trash, and so I'll tell you. Yep. I did. And I didn't even try to convince him to re-locate his food. I let him continue to put it on the trash.
Naturally, the best place for dry-aged shredded cheddar is inside the drawer of the train table

 And naturally, we'll continue to use this travel mug even after it has been chucked onto the tile floor by the toddler one too many times.
I get it all the time. People ask me "How do you do it?" and I always like to say, while my house is trashed and the kids are running amok and I still haven't showered, "It's natural."

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