Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taking This Show On The Road

T-Give is nearly upon us, and we are headed back to the Lex for lots of food and family-filled days. I am hoping to spend a lot time lolling on the couch trying not to puke while my children are lovingly entertained by their relatives. Vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

But first, we I have to pack. It's a Herculean effort. Must remember:
-lard nevermind, smells too awful. will not be baking pies this year. will gestate instead, family will certainly accept this excuse
-glass pitcher
-G's ears + back ups+battery charger+toupee tape v. important DO NOT FORGET
-delicious gummy prenatal vitamins
-honeycrisp apples
-books. lots
-extra undies--G
-tooth brushes
-where is Dominic's fleece coat? advisability of not bringing coat? will family members call CPS? will family memebers threaten sickness on my coat-less child?
-creamy peanut butter
-pillows (lots)
-snacks for car (2 of each to minimize fighting)
-books for kids for car + tranquilizers?

Gianna is getting to the age of Very Picky Dressing and the last few times we've gone out of town it's been rough when she discovers I didn't pack such and such pair of pants and she neeeeeeds them, needs them bad, so I thought I'd ask her what she wanted me to pack. She started rattling off this crazy list, "Ummm, 5 socks, 6 underwares, my purple corduroys, the pink shirt with the birds on it, my blue jeans, my new black boots, my turquoise dress, my......" I can't remember the rest. I'm screwed. Hopefully we'll avoid drama because she'll be too blissed out by the Oreos my dad will constantly be sneaking her to care very much.

Either that, or I'll be too blissed out by the Oreos I'll be sneaking to care very much either.

I hope you all have a fab Thanksgiving, I may or may not be taking a little blog break until after we get back in town. We shall see.

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