Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Actually Random

1. Dominic thinks the word band-aid is pronounced, "Band-aid-too." This is because every time Gianna gets a band-aid, he FREAKS OUT and I ask him, "Oh, did you want a band-aid, too?" The fact that I do nothing to correct him, but blatantly encourage this, makes me amazed that people ever learn to speak English properly.

2. I was listening to all the news coverage about the demise of Moammar (what a bummer for a name) Gaddafi and his quote about how he'd never give up and hunker down in his tent and keep fighting really interested me. Dictators in general interest me. You have to really be in love with yourself and with power to want to still be in charge of a country where more than half the people don't like you. I pray for the guy's soul, because that's what I'm supposed to do, but seriously. He should have gotten a clue a long time ago.

3. The lengths I go to maintain my laid-back parent image are getting ridiculous. This week, at Trader Joe's, I actually remembered my re-usable shopping bags. When I proudly placed them onto the conveyor belt a swath of tampons and pads fell out. Apparently while I was wasting time on the internet encouraging the kids to play imaginatively and creatively, they helped themselves to the tampon stash in the bathroom and shoved them into my eco-grocery bags. They'll be running NASA in no time.

4. I am in search of a white lab coat for Dominic for Halloween....we are going to gel his hair all crazy and friends of ours loaned us a plastic beaker. He will be a Mad Scientist. If anyone has any good ideas on where I could score a toddler-sized lab coat....hit me up.

5. Speaking of Halloween, Brad and I are pretty stoked to eat all of Dominic's candy. He's still young enough to not realize when he's been swindled. G.....not so much. We'll need to produce another baby by next Halloween to keep this thing going.

6. It's been about 3 posts since I talked about showers. So now it's time again. I thought of a really great reason to shower as infrequently as I do: global warming. Environmentalists say we should all take 5 second freezing showers to repent of being affluent Americans who use lots and lots of hot water. I feel that if I take two showers a week of 15 minute duration and feel really sad the whole time...that's the same thing right?

7. My unfortunate brother-in-law has managed to do a few things right....he made a wise choice in marrying my sister, and I have to admit his participation in the production of my v. adorable nephew. Other than that, he's what we might call a misanthrope. As much as it pains me, I have to give credit where credit is due. He introduces Brad to some really awful music, but occasionally I like some of it. And sometimes, I love it. And I am in love with Mumford and Sons. If you've not heard them...well. Here you go. You can thank me later

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  1. I second your fascination with dictators. I've read their Wikipedia pages several times, because a) I don't get them, and b) it's a bit like watching a train wreck.

  2. Ok Anne, I don't know how to let you know other than with the tacky self-promoting blog link, but you have won A MAJOR BLOG AWARD! It has been bestowed upon you by me. Check it out. It's pretty epic.

  3. I am laughing out loud at #3! Okay, laughter with a little bit of fear mixed in because I can totally see that happening to me!

    This is my first visit here and I'm a little clueless and non-hip: would that be the Kenwood Trader Joe's? I've never heard Cincy called the Nati, but it would work, I guess. We have family in (Cincy, as we always say) and hit that TJ's whenever we're up there, which is not quite often enough for my TJ-loving self. (So that unfortunate scenario really COULD happen to me, in the very same store!)

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  5. This is my favorite Mumford and Sons song at the moment, enjoy :)

  6. i totally agree on the 2 shower a week thing. I also am an environmentalist because I only bathe my kids 3 times a week! and i adore mumford and sons

  7. My husband said that too me earlier this week, that he can't wait until we have kids and can get their candy from trick or treating. Also, I have to agree with being fascinating by dictators. I have a few books about Hitler and it's all just so interesting.