Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Post About Nothing

 I've been having some writer's block lately. I probably need some more sleep. I'm just warning you, this post is crazy and not really about anything at all.

I wander around thinking constantly, what should I write? What should I WRITE? I could just gush about my brilliant children, but that would be supremely boring. Scratch that. I could write about some sort of pressing political issue, but then I'd get all irritated and ruin my day, and probably yours, too. Forget that. I could comment on some sort of anthropological/cultural phenomenon but that seems pretentious. I'll leave that to someone who is wearing real clothes and not PJ's.

As I watched Gianna truck back and forth between her chore ribbon and her chores, I thought to myself, "Kids are such suckers." She actually thinks that making her bed is FUN now because she gets to take a little card off of a ribbon and put it in a little box. Hah. My sister, having seen the amazing chore ribbon, said, "Great, make one for my day." Which got me thinking. An adult chore ribbon would be hilarious.I could blog that. When I started making a list of my chores, and then coming up with little rewards (alcohol, ice cream...time to do nothing) it made me look really, really pathetic. Especially since I know myself. I'll skip the chores and head right for the ice cream.

I wouldn't probably bother including 'shower' as a chore, since showers are a miraculous happening around here. I talk about not showering a lot on this blog. In fact, I think I mention my lack of shower in almost every post. Is my sub-conscience trying to reveal something to me? Is my uncleanliness indicative of a deeper, personal problem? Like maybe my unclean soul? Pretty soon I'm going to have to wear a bell and shout "Tamei! Tamei!" If I ever have a dog again, I'm naming it Tamei, because dogs, with their hair and drool and feces all over the yard are kind of gross.

I should probably explain the concept of 'tamei' to you unwashed masses of non-biblical scholars. Back in the day (by which I mean, Jesus and prior) the lepers used to have to yell "tamei, tamei" or, "unclean, unclean." I could just call myself dirty, but tamei speaks to more than just a physical mess, it implies a ritual and spiritual  uncleanliness that really captures the essence of how I feel most days.

Back to showers. This post will really be about showers. I've decided. I might take one today.

I don't know. This post needed some help. It needed some Doms eating a contraband grape in a nice stroller that doesn't belong to him.


  1. it's just water and soap! it wont hurt! lol. but seriously it can be hard to get a good shower in with little people. It's one of those things I carefully orchestrate because I personally need it daily for the relaxation of it. Aqua-therapy I will call it. Lol.

  2. see, I always learn something from your blog!