Thursday, October 13, 2011

Parent of the Year: Multicultural

It's very important to provide children with diverse, multicultural experiences. Doing so will lead to greater brain development, empathy, wealth, and fame. That's why, when I heard the Madeira Kroger was giving away $10 to the first 300 people at it's grand re-opening, I knew we had to be there.

We don't actually live in Madeira. We're in the next town over-ish, and you had to get there at 7 am, which is a very difficult time to be out and dressed and still sane. But $10 is $10 and the kids need to learn that sacrifice is a part of life, so we went. Plus multiculturalism. Whatever.

We could have made it on time, too, except that when I got out to the car, I realized I needed to put Dominic's car seat back in. Brad says that installing car seats with me is a like having a religious experience, but I have to say I wasn't feeling particularly religious wrestling with an enormous Britax Boulevard and worrying neurotically that Dominic would somehow figure out how to put the car in gear, step on the gas, and drive us into the (closed) garage.

We missed the $10 by about 10 people, but the flagging spirits of my children lifted when they discovered they could have a free cookie for breakfast accompanied by free entertainment in the form of Kroger employees dancing en mass to the Cupid Shuffle in front of the cash registers. Outside, we watched the Madeira High School Marching Band, complete with color guard, play lots of music while a man dressed like a Kroger bag waltzed around the parking lot.

I am so doing this whole parenting thing right.

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